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      Sad Puppy Face was founded in 2020 by Sarah Dabah, with the hope to give back to as many animals in need. With every shirt, hoodie and accessory purchase, partial proceeds will go towards PAWS, a nationally recognized organization that has connected thousands of animals to loving families.
      We selected PAWS because of the vast work they focus on. PAWS helps cats, dogs and wild animals go home and thrive – whether home is the family room or the forest. They do this by rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless cats and dogs, and educating the community to inspire compassionate action for animals. Since 1967, PAWS has united more than 130,000 cats and dogs with loving families, cared for more than 140,000 sick, injured and orphaned wild animals, and made the world a better place for countless others through outreach, education and advocacy. 
      Sarah Dabah has always had a deep connection to animals, growing up with 3 dogs (Bear, Suzie, and Tippy), 3 cats (Sammy, Sophie and Spartacus) and 2 rabbits (Rachel and Thumper), many whom came from shelters. It meant so much to her and her family to be able to adopt a pet in need. At 23, Sarah adopted her own puppy, Bruce Wayne, a Boston Terrier, with the biased opinion as the cutest dog in the world who has influenced the launch. Bruce is Sarah's best bud and plus one everywhere she goes. 
      Sarah went to The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with the hopes to create her own fashion line one day, she was able to combine both of her passions to build Sad Puppy Face. 
      Sad Puppy Face's mission is to provide stylish designs for the dog lovers who hate to leave home without their best bud and care deeply about giving back to animals in need.